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We are surfers, day-dreamers, flow-seekers, and awkward dancers.

We truly believe in the transformative power of water sports, making the world a better place. It has the power:

  • to inspire,
  • to deepen ones love to nature and other people,
  • to raise awareness for sustainability,
  • to connect people and find friends for life,
  • and to teach the importance of sacred play.

The best part:

Doing water sports is a great activity that makes a lot of fun, keeps you fit, and healthy!


We want to share our love for water sports with people who are awesome and keen to learn.

BeyondSurfing’s mission is it to be the number one information resource for water sport and outdoor gear in the German market, offering great insights into all kind of outdoor tools and it’s usage.

Free knowledge:

We offer comprehensive and complete buying guides and company compass for outdoor interested people that look for the best gear and don’t have the time/knowledge to do a comprehensive research on the topic themselves.


We put water sport-interested people at the heart of everything we do, informing and inspiring them with trusted content.

For example, did you know there exist way over 3000 surf camps and surf schools worldwide?

This pure information overload online made us feel uncomfortable. How do you know which one to choose? Which one will suit your needs best? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Our goal is to create more transparency among water sport companies, while saving you money and time in order to find one.

Our independent magazine gives you the tools to plan your perfect water sports adventure:

  • comprehensive tutorials,
  • inspiring ideas on where to go next,
  • and in-depth information on water sports companies and best regions around the world.

We are here to help you to focus on what’s really important:

Good vibes, nice waves and a truly memorable travel experience.


The only thing I want to do more than meet amazing people around the world is to protect our nature for future generations.



Online marketing enthusiast, with a deep passion for nature and good waves.

When Tim isn’t busy surfing or helping people achieving their online marketing goals, he can be found eating large amounts of pizza or geeking out about meditation and minimalism.

(Thank you @ Désirée Nordbusch for that lovely illustration.)


The best part of what we do is getting to connect with people.

Enough about us! Let’s connect and share some awesome waves together:

We love to connect. Please be one of those people, find us online and say hi!